I'm not someone who will put himself on stage, so why I became a caller is still a mystery for me.

In 1984 I started square dancing in "Scaldis Squares" in Zeeland, Netherlands.

Very soon I was caught by the dancing and the choreography. In 1985 I got my 'black badge' at  ECTA * and became a student caller. And the same time I became the Club Caller fot "The Swinging Posse", Antwerp, Belgium.

Late 1985 I was drafted and my father started calling, from then on we shared being being clubcaller at  "The Swinging Posse" for years.

Fall Round Up 1986, thanks to the sponsorship of Kenny Reese, I could take the caller exam at the ECTA * and then became a full member.

Meanwhile, I've been to Club Caller "The Brotherhood of Square Dance,", been on the program of a number of specials, two jamborees and am now the club caller for 'The Paradise Dancers'

You won't see many pictures of me on this site ... but a lot of pictures by me, my other great hobbies are photography (https://hermansnoens.be) and IT - what's my job (https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/staff/ronny-hermans)

Someone I must not forget, Jack Fransen, the Callerlab Teacher who learned me a lot about calling.